Step 1: Ncheta

Powerful Blog post by Omenka Egwuatu Nwa-Ikenga
The first of 13 steps toward rediscovery.

Odinani: The Sacred Arts & Sciences of the Igbo People

Ndu bu ahia. Ahia ka anyi biakwuru iz n’elu uwa nke a

“Life is a marketplace. We have come into this great wide world to buy and sell”


Nnọọ (welcome) to the 13 steps. Each step is designed to help you rediscover yourself and remember what you came to offer to the world. A journal is strongly encouraged for you to keep track of your progress through each step.

Step 1: Ncheta

Do you remember what it was like to successfully make your first step as a baby? Well if you do not, let me take you on a trip down memory lane. After being carried in your mother’s womb for 9 moons, you arrived into this world and spent a lot of time being carried in the arms of other people or on the back of your mother.

When you were not being carried, you were crawling on all…

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​I am Lộlọ̀ Kem, ​ an artist, a scholar, a sister, a daughter, a lover, and the co-founder of The Chi Collective and visionary behind Nkem Chi. As the chief writer and curator, I seek to create, solicit, and share content that speaks to the soul, renews the spirit, empowers the heart, and stimulates the mind. Nkem Chi represents a public expression of my journey with a recognition that our wellness, our healing, our ability to thrive, does not occur in isolation. It happens with and through community.

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