Allow Me to Introduce Myself

My name is Lộlọ̀ Kem.

Lộlọ̀ is a title in the Igbo tradition for a woman is embodies womanhood, who is revered, and who is a Queen. While naming myself Lộlọ̀ may seem like a flex lol, it really is about embracing the beauty and power of the woman that I am and the woman that I aspire to be. Lộlọ̀ is who I am when I am tapped into my Chi and when I allow God’s light to shine through me. Apart of my mission is to inspire and uplift others so that they allow their light to shine as well.

Before I begin to ramble, let me give you a few quick facts about me:

  • I am an artist, most notably an MC. I will absolutely be dropping music and poetry on this platform 1) because I love the arts and 2) it is the primary venue by which I connect to my Chi
  • I am a scholar. I have higher education training that gives me background in African and African American history, media studies, and psychology.
  • I am an African. I’m Black. I’m Nigerian. I’m Igbo. and I am proud of all those identities. I am passionate about the African diaspora and the beautiful variations of Black culture across the globe.
  • I am a healer. My identity as healer come primarily from my desire to love and heal myself and from my training in mental health (social work and psychology). Being a healer to me is about empowering each other towards self actualization and self love. Healing in this platform occurs through a collective journey that includes self reflection and encouragement to access resources (e.g., therapy, reflection, meditation) that will aid us in wellness.

I’m looking forward to building with you all and working collaboratively to heal, love, and manifest.

Published by Lộlọ̀ Kem

​I am Lộlọ̀ Kem, ​ an artist, a scholar, a sister, a daughter, a lover, and the co-founder of The Chi Collective and visionary behind Nkem Chi. As the chief writer and curator, I seek to create, solicit, and share content that speaks to the soul, renews the spirit, empowers the heart, and stimulates the mind. Nkem Chi represents a public expression of my journey with a recognition that our wellness, our healing, our ability to thrive, does not occur in isolation. It happens with and through community.

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